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Hello everyone, and welcome to the presentation of the URA awards of the new Millenium!

The votes are finally counted and allocated to their respective nominees, and the awards have been created. You now have the option to view the awards presentations chronologically by clicking 'Enter the Presentation Hall' at the top right of the page, or - if you are just here to see whether or not you won an award - skip to your desired category using the links on the right. If you have won an URA, we do request that you right-click and 'Save As...', and upload the award to your own directory, since we can't guarantee that this site will remain online indefinitely.

Thankyou to everyone who voted, and to those who supported us throughout the URAs - we appreciate it! For those of you who asked, yes we at the URAs do all know each other in RL (except viral siblings Jez and Karen) and no, we're not forming a consipracy to take over the net (Quick, Jez, hide the unformat commands and webguns and smile in a pleasant and non-threatening manner! - Karen) A zany fact for you - the awards were more successful than we'd ever have imagined, and there were over 5000 votes to account for - with over 1000 going to one site/webmaster (ah, no, better not say, we'll give away the ending)!! Congratulations to all our winning sites - and if you haven't won an URA this time, be sure to check out the Judge's Special Awards - you just never know! Now, for the last time - Happy New Year!

- Those URA People:

  • Terry (boss guy)
  • Lakota (boss gal)
  • Jez
  • Karen
  • Kizzy
  • Katy
  • Tommy

We'd like to thank our elves:

  • Samir for his helpful advice
  • Lonny, Ben and Haley
  • Everyone who offered to help us during the course of the voting!


Best New Site

Most Original Site

Most Promising Site

Most Humorous Site

Best Site Design

Best Site Content

Best Fanfiction

Best Fan Art

Best Writer

Best Artist

Best Webmaster

Best Site of the Net


As you know, our aim in creating the Unofficial ReBoot Awards was to promote good ReBoot on the Net. What we found was that some sites had some magnificent features, or funny themes or a special something that we just adored. While these were not voted, these awards go out to the sites and people who we either felt deserved recognition for a specific aspect of their site, or were mentioned numerous times by the voters.

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This site has undergone it's final update.

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